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fredrik young carlsson

Managing Director /Shareholder

Korean born and Swedish National Fredrik is the Founder and Managing Director of ClearVision Enterprises in Phuket, Thailand and has 15 years of experience in Phuket’s Real Estate industry.

Together with a group of fellow entrepreneurs, he co-founded 3 of Phuket’s best well known real estate companies and worked actively in 2 of them as a Realtor and Marketing Director with major success.

In 2014 he entered the property development business as a consultant for both new and old projects. With focus on making sustainable marketing strategies and businesses, both economically and ecologically.

He fast became a key person in Phuket’s real estate market and has since trained over 70 realtors and consulted numerous developments to success with his results-based training programs and consultations.

His vision of transparency, professionalism and long term relations makes him one of Phuket’s most sought after Realtors.

Fredrik grew up in Sweden and received his Degrees in Economy, Natural Science and Psychology.

CURRENT BUSINESS Managing Director:
• ClearVision Enterprises Co.,Ltd. (24 March 2015 – Present) (ClearVision Group – Properties, Management, Media, Legal and Consulting
• Serene Surin Co.,Ltd. (18 Sep 2019 – Present)

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Oleg golubev

Sales Director /Shareholder

Oleg was born in the small country of Belarus where he attended school with an European education.

Due to the limited expansion possibilities, Oleg moved away from Belarus in 2010 after working as an organizer for events.

He started working for Sun Beach Resort in Rhodes, Greece as a Sales Manager and quickly discovered his sales and marketing skills.

His Success lead him to Phuket where he first came for holiday but soon joined Diamond Condominium as a sales executive and quickly rise through the ranks to Assistant Sales Director.

With the amazing success of Diamond Condominium and selling it out he naturally got offered to join next project, the Serene Condominium as Sales Director and Shareholder.

8 years of living in Phuket makes him the ideal leader for this project, having seen the property market developed during his carrier.

He is also successfully raising his family here in Phuket and is always looking forward to work as a family dad and sales director.

Serene Surin Co.,Ltd. (18 Sep 2019 – Present)

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Jo D'hondt


Experienced entrepreneur and business magnate, Mr. Jo D’Hondt – founder of Several businesses in Belgium and internationally.

Founded and managed Omni Level NV which is a direct mail company that become one of biggest of its kind in Belgium, Magado Buba – Personal Mail company in Belgium, Magado Design Interior and Arzuoglo Co.,Ltd. building company in Turkey.

Decades of experiences made from internal management and client dealings on an international market resulted in oriented management skills in encourage employee, guide and monitor all related department to perform their jobs on top efficiently.

CURRENT BUSINESS Managing Director:
January 2012 to Present Silk Projects Co.,Ltd. Thalang, Phuket


292-Unit Condominium was Completed in 2018 and is Located near Bangtao Beach it is Currently Managed Under Diamond Resort Brand Name.


New Dining Destination in Diamond Resort The Restaraunt Provides Unique Culinary Experience By The Talented Cheff From Belgium.


Real Estate and Media Agency with 14 Years Experience and Recently Opened Legal Consultancy Company.

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